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The storytelling Juke-Box

The Storytelling Juke-box is a brand new concept, created by and for Le Wolf.

It is a little house, with a perfect acoustic, within the forest of the Wolf Shop. Get inside the house, select a book on touch-screen, and listen to a great story while watching illustrations projected on a circular screen around you!

Stories are available in different languages.

List of books in the Juke-box  :

  • Kitty Crowther : "La visite de Petite Mort" - Ed. Pastel : in French, Dutch and English
  • Carl Norac & Carll Cneut : "Monstre, ne me mange pas" - Ed. Pastel : in French, Dutch and English
  • Mario Ramos : "Le petit soldat qui cherchait la guerre" - Ed. Pastel : in French, English and German
  • Catharina Valckx : "Dans la poussette de Lisette" - Ed. Ecole des Loisirs : in French, Dutch and Japanese
  • Anne Herbauts : "Lundi" - Ed. Casterman : in French and Italian
  • Benoît Jacques : "La nuit du visiteur" -Ed. Benoît Jacques Books : in French and Italian

Informations :

  • Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Open on Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm
  • 2 euro / story


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